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Cloud Voice

Simplicity & Savings - What sets our all-in-one, Hosted Voice service apart is the friendly, local Third Generation team that comes to your office to set everything up… And you’ll especially appreciate the simplicity and savings. Ideal for smaller to mid-sized organizations, Third Generation’s Cloud Voice Service is easily customized, future proof and budget friendly.

Call features you’re used to…

  • Auto Attendant
  • Music on Hold
  • Three Digit Intercom (everywhere)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calls

New modern features…

  • Voice Mail to eMail Forwarding
  • Call Reporting
  • Mobile Answer
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Web Management

Keep it simple…

  • Centrally Manage All Your Sites
  • Connects your Remote Locations
  • Automatically Upgraded
  • Support Whenever You Need It

We specialize in making the move to Cloud Voice easy

Third Generation’s technicians and training staff come to your location to install everything and train your staff so that you’re up and communicating quickly. When you need changes, have us do the programming or access your own easy-to-use web portal. We provide service 24×7 so you always get fast and efficient support.


Third Generation delivers and supports RingCentral solutions that enable mobility, unified communications, collaboration, contact centers and more.

All-in-one cloud phone system includes…

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Team messaging and collaboration
  • Business app integrations – Works seamlessly with 100+ apps like Google, Salesforce, box, Microsoft
  • Multi-location networking
  • Works with a wide range of advanced desktop phones

Products available individually…

  • RingCentral Professional for mobile workers
  • RingCentral Glip for intuitive team collaboration
  • RingCentral Fax for anywhere, any-device faxing

Deploy, Training, & Support…

  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Training so your team is ready on Day One
  • Upgrades and expansion as you grow
  • Affordable Maintenance Plans and 24×7 On-demand service

Small Business to Big Business… Third Generation Leads the Way

Whether you’re a small local business with a few employees or a larger firm with thousands of employees across multiple locations, Third Generation and RingCentral keep your people connected.


Zoom Phones

Zoom Phone has a track record of rapid innovation. Our hard phone and softphone systems capitalize on the established global infrastructure and audio quality of Zoom. With hundreds of features, and more added every month, you can count on Zoom Phone to meet your business requirements.

Zoom Phone tightly integrates with top business applications, contact center partners, and hardware providers to ensure communications can occur in context. Leverage Zoom Phone’s robust set of APIs to create customized business solutions that let you make and receive phone calls right within your workflow.

Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized responses to their customers on the trusted Zoom platform. Provide a more personalized and interactive customer engagement using video with screen share, file share and chat.

Zoom Meetings

Meet face-to-face from any device. Enable quick adoption with virtual meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, collaborate, and schedule meetings across any device.


Single Site to Multi-Location Enterprise…
Third Generation Leads the Way

Third Generation and ShoreTel have teamed up to connect your business with ‘brilliantly simple’ phone systems and unified communications solutions.

Our ShoreTel Certified team enables everything you need to succeed… extensive communication features, advanced call control, and a wide range of devices and applications. ShoreTel’s award-winning technology is ideal for businesses of any size.

One-Stop Deployments, Training & Support

Our ShoreTel project team manages all the set-up, programming and implementation details for you. Then we make sure every user has the tools and training they need to become immediately productive. From Day One we’re on call 24×7 to serve you with on demand support or affordable Maintenance Plans.


Small Business to Enterprise…
Third Generation Leads the Way

Third Generation and Mitel keep your people connected, whether you have 5 employees or thousands across multiple locations. Our Mitel Certified team will help you accelerate growth and transform your business with a complete, integrated solution.

Mitel solutions enable mobility, unified communications, collaboration, networking, security, contact centers and more – all delivered and supported by your local technology leader, Third Generation.

Professional Deployments, Training & Support

Our Mitel project team manages all the set-up, programming and implementation details for you. Then we make sure every user has the tools and training they need to become immediately productive. From Day One we’re on call 24×7 to serve you with on demand support or affordable Maintenance Plans.

Contact Centers

Every Call Counts

When it comes to growing your business, customer loyalty is priceless. Every customer transaction counts and that’s why getting contact center technology right is so important.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Third Generation Contact Center experts help improve the customer experience, while improving your operations. We’ll customize to fit your business.

  • Add Real-time Monitoring and Management
  • Consolidate Infrastructure and Streamline Aadministration
  • Integrate Voice, Text Chat, Web Collaboration, E-mail and Video
  • Increase Efficiency with IVR Self-Service and Speech Recognition
  • Integrate with Your Customer Relationship Management System
  • Intelligently Prioritize and Distribute Incoming Contacts
  • Provide Uninterrupted Service

Generate More Revenue & Lower Costs

Want more loyal customers and greater profitability? Your Third Generation contact center specialists are ready to help you make happier customers on the first call.


With Toshiba’s surprise exit from the telecom market, Mitel has stepped in to alleviate any remaining uncertainty by acquiring Toshiba Telecom’s assets and support obligations.

As an established, proven Mitel partner, Third Generation is ideally positioned to support your Toshiba systems and phones.  We’ve been serving the Pittsburgh region for 34 years.  To keep you informed on Mitel’s obligations, here are answers to some frequently asked questions…

1.      Are my current contracts with Toshiba still valid?
Yes, contracts will remain valid. Mitel will be responsible for fulfilling all contracts immediately following the closing of the deal.

2.      Will my warranties still be in effect?
Yes. Mitel will be prepared to accept extended warranties.

3.      Will any service quality/policies change?
No. Mitel is as committed as Toshiba in delivering quality products and services to our partners and customers.

4.      Will Toshiba inventory levels remain the same?
Inventory levels fluctuate with all businesses; however, we are confident we can ensure continuity of supply.

5.      Will quotes I received on Toshiba solutions still be honored?
Yes, if they are backed by Toshiba or an accredited partner.

Wireless Networks | Wi-Fi

Your People are on the Move

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices, every business is adapting to keep up with more devices, access points, bandwidth, and the latest high-speed IEEE 802.11 standards. Give staff and visitors the freedom to work on the go with a convenient, flexible and secure Wireless Network.

Secure Wireless LANs allow your employees to work anywhere in your building or campus, with convenient, worry-free access to the Internet or your local IT resources.

We Make Wireless Easy

Third Generation delivers WLAN network projects on time, tested and ready to support seamless mobile access. Our experts manage all the details.

  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Coverage RF Testing
  • Optimized Coverage Maps
  • Access Points | Placement and Cabling
  • Wireless Security
  • Testing and Certification

Third Generation Experts Manage
All the Details

Whether you need Wi-Fi in a new building or across your campus, Third Generation has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

SIP Services

Integrated Communication

A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line and data connection that utilizes Broadband for access. SIP Trunks can reduce your traditional phone bills up to 60% by combining Local, Long Distance, Data and Internet services over a single connection.

Big financial and operational benefits…

  • Eliminate Expensive PRIs and T1s
  • Slash Per-Minute Charges
  • Reduce IT Management with Easy Installs, Moves, and Changes
  • Automatically Reroute Calls to Mobile Phones or Backup Locations
  • Manage Users from a Self-Service Web Portal

One-call Implementation & Support

Third Generation’s SIP Services project team manages all the set up, programming and implementation details for you. From Day One we’re on call to help.

Data Networking

Stay Connected

Keeping your people and your clients connected has never been more important – or more complex. You may have people on the road or working from home. Your business might have multiple locations. Customers could be next door or scattered across the country.

Get up to speed…

Connecting your office to the marketplace starts with a network that supports Voice, Data, Video, and Broadband. Proper design, installation, and management ensure network performance that will drive your business ahead.


Third Generation meets all of your local and wide area connectivity needs with industry-leading solutions that include:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Security and Access Control
  • Network Testing and Management
  • Wired & Wireless Network Infrastructure

Let’s talk about how today’s advanced data networks can provide your business with faster, more reliable connections.

Structured Cabling

Building Your Voice & IT Infrastructure

Third Generation has 30+ years of experience designing, building and maintaining flexible cabling infrastructures that support voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems.

Your “one stop shop” for Networking

  • Inside & Outside Cabling
  • Rack and Cabinet Layout, Design, Installation
  • Pathway and Conduit Design, Installation
  • Fiber Optic Design, Installation, Testing
  • Copper Design, Installation, Testing
  • CAD, Documentation, Labeling
  • Testing and Certification
  • Ongoing Support

Third Generation Experts Manage
All the Details

Whether you need to cable a new building, renovate a space or expand across your community or campus, Third Generation has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.